Hewett Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) ENVID

Hewett Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) ENVID

About The Project

In alignment with its mission to transition towards a low-carbon future, ENI has embarked on a pioneering initiative: The Hewett Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project. Situated in the East of England, this endeavour aims not just to harness the power of carbon capture but also to bolster the energy infrastructure of the region, enhancing sustainability and energy security for the foreseeable future.

Scope of Work

To address potential environmental risks and hazards associated with the project, Process Risk Consulting were commissioned to facilitate a Environmental Identification (ENVID) Workshop, in line with ENI Qualitative Risk Assessment guidelines – OPI-HSE-024-ENI-SPA-R01.

The scope of workshop included all of the onshore facilities, onshore pipelines, subsea pipelines, onshore conditioning and storage facilities, offshore platform and well injection.

Project Details

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  • 2023
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