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Our mission is to help the world reach a greener, 100% renewable future, safely.

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Who we are

Process Risk Consulting provides expertise in process safety and functional safety. Our experience in the oil and gas, renewables, hydrogen, Carbon Capture and Storage, and nuclear sectors make us the perfect partner for your next project.

Working with small and large operators worldwide, no problem is too big, small or complex for our diverse team to handle. Our passion for safety drives us to find the most effective, efficient and safe solutions for our clients. We take pride in our ability to deliver on time and within budget.

We are more than just a consulting firm. We are custodians of safety, champions of green energy, and architects of a resilient future.

Every consultation, every assessment, every project is imbued with our passion for safety and our dedication to a greener planet.

We take immense pride in having helped countless businesses navigate their transition to renewables safely and efficiently. But our journey is far from over. With every sunrise, we renew our pledge to help create a world where safety and sustainability go hand in hand, a world where the promise of net-zero becomes a reality.

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey and together, let’s shape a safer, greener future for generations to come. Contact us today to see how we can help you meet your goals, safely.

Getting the world to net zero emissions

Supporting our communities

We work with local community partners to support young people with employment programmes. We’ve also committed funds to NHS charities and local Hospices for children.

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Our Projects

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Our Services

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Our Services

See our offerings for your next project.

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